Our Products 

Fancy Yarn 

 Technotex India is one stop shop for all types of Fancy yarns for its customers because of a broad product range. Our speciality fancy yarns are widely accepted through out the customer base in India and abroad. We are supplying high quality of Fancy Yarns having precision effects suitable for Suiting, Shirting, Jacketing, Sarees, Dress Material and Furnishing. 

All Fancy Yarns are having its own unique fancy Look for producing high quality fancy fabrics. We are taking care of all the qualitative & technical parameters for smooth working on high speed weaving & knitting machines.

                                             We are specialised in:

                                                a.   Hollow Yarn

                                                b.   Intermingled Yarn

                                                c.    Melange Yarn

                                                d.   Special Effect Cationic Yarn 

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Cotton Yarn 

Cotton is not only healthy to wear next to your skin, but it's oh, so soft and comfortable. Technotex is a known supplier for cotton yarn, we can supply wide range of cotton yarn having a variety of plies, twists and textures. This can be used for manufacturing of fabric used for Shirting, Dress Material, Bottom wears, Kids wears, Towels, Bath robes, Bed Linens etc.

     a.   Regular Cotton Yarn

     b.   Mercerised Cotton Yarn

     c.   Fancy Cotton Yarn – Slub, Neps, Thick and Thin etc.

                                                    d.   Cotton Indigo dyed Yarn

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Linen Yarn 

Linen Yarn has higher moisture absorption Capacity, it allows the skin to breathe, and is extremely comfortable under all weather conditions. Cool in summer, warm in winter and refreshed in humid weather. Linen helps to protect the skin from harmful Ultra Violet rays & possesses natural anti-bacterial properties. Linen yarn is a great choice for weavers & knitters, we who want their garment to last forever.

Technotex India offers high quality linen yarn made out of European flax. We can supply Linen yarn very coarse counts ranging from Nm-0.30 (Lea 0.50) to fine count   Nm-36 (Lea 60).

    a.   100% Linen Bleached Yarn

                                                b.   100% Linen Natural Yarn 

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Polyester Yarn 

Polyester Yarn is a substitute for cotton and other synthetic yarns. It has number of advantages over its substitutes like more durable, does not fade on exposure to sunlight or soap, has better abrasion resistance, drape and crease recovery properties, and is wrinkle resistant.

Technotex India offers almost all varieties of Polyester Filament Yarn is largely used in shirting and suiting, Sarees, ladies’ dress material and knitwear. Also supply polyester yarn for technical textiles as per requirement of customers.

     a.   Texturised Yarn

     b.   Fully Drawn Yarn

                                                 c.   Dope Dyed Yarn

                                                 d.   Airtex Yarn

                                                 e.   Twisted Yarn

                                                    f.   Crepe Yarn

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Spun Yarn 

Spun yarn is made by twisting or otherwise bonding staple fibres together to make a cohesive thread. Spun yarns may contain a single type of fibre, or be a blend of various types. Combining synthetic fibres (which can have high strength, lustre, and other required properties) with natural fibres (which have good water absorbency and skin comforting qualities). Technotex India can supply a large number of blends and shades to meet the ever changing requirements of its customers.

    a.   100% Polyester Spun Yarn

    b.   Polyester / Cotton Blends

    c.   Polyester / Viscose Blends

                                                d.   Micro / Modal Blends

                                                e.   Polyester / Linen Blends 

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Dyed Yarn 

Yarn dyed Suiting & Shirting are having ever increasing demand as compared to fabric dying. With yarn dying fabric manufacturers can play with no of colours to produce aesthetically appealing fabric for the customer. Technotex India is having expertise in supplying wide range of shades in different quality of yarn as per your moods.

    a.   Cotton Dyed Yarn

    b.   Linen Dyed Yarn

    c.   Polyester Dyed Yarn

    d.   Fancy Dyed Yarn

                                                e.   Indigo Dyed Yarn 

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Space Dyed Yarn 

Space dyeing is a technique used to give yarn a unique, multi-colored effect. Space dyed yarn is two or more different colors that typically repeat themselves throughout the length of the yarn. Technotex India can offer space dyed effect in almost all available yarn qualities to enhance the look and aesthetic properties of the fabric.

    a.   Semi dull / Full Dull Space Dyed Yarn

    b.   Bright Space Dyed Yarn

    c.   Fancy Space Dyed Yarn

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