Technotex India, specialises in production and marketing of Linen, Cotton, Polyester, Spun, Dyed, Space Dyed, Fancy Yarns & Linen Fabrics. Since its inception, Technotex India has established good relationship with Indian and overseas customers & suppliers. Technotex India has also built up its partnership with Fabric Manufacturers as well as several trading firms.

In order to keep its cutting edge over the years, Technotex India has been dedicated to the research and development of new types of yarns in collaboration with yarn & fabric manufacturing units.

With our expertise, we can provide all kinds of yarns categorised from Cotton Yarn, Polyester Yarn, Linen Yarn, Fancy Yarn, Spun Yarn, Dyed Yarn, Indigo Dyed Yarn and Space Dyed Yarn to dissimilar types of Novelty Yarns. We have kept some of Fancy Yarns constantly in stock for your instant orders too.

The company has also engaged yarn designers who are good in concept and ability to develop new yarns as per our customers need. By means of making regular recommendation and presentation, we have become the most preferred supplier of Fancy Yarns.